What is ‘KID-FIT Music and Workouts’?

KID-FIT Music and Workouts is a streaming music service that includes songs and workouts that are used in the KID-FIT preschool P.E. program created by Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc. The KID-FIT Preschool P.E. program has been operating since 1994. The last few years songs have been created in-house by independent artists. The tracks all belong to Aerobic Fitness Consultants and as such there are no music licensing fees to be paid for their use in the classroom or at home (they cannot be used commercially or to run any type of children’s fitness business). The workouts are pre-made KID-FIT classes that have already been tested in the field. You can use one of our full length complete workouts or customize your very own. Keep in mind the children in all the videos have done the activities an average of 1-6 times.

Who was this site designed for?

KID-FIT Music and Workouts was designed for anyone who wants to improve the health and fitness of young children while teaching healthy lifestyle habits. Parents, individual teachers and schools can all benefit with our easy to use, activities and unique music. The songs have all been created for use with children ages 2-Kindergarten but some of them can easily be used with older age groups.

Why a subscription? Why can’t I just buy the songs?

The cost involved in maintaining the site, compensating songwriters and creating the new KID-FIT curriculum each month is very expensive. We wanted to help those individuals and schools who desperately need music and workout ideas to help children but have very limited funds. Selling the songs would be very costly so a subscription is the lowest priced option. With a subscription, you don’t need to reenter your details each month, payments are set up to come out automatically.¬† Each month your account will be automatically billed for the $9.99 fee. If you are offered a free trial period, as soon as the trial period ends your account will be billed the monthly subscription fee until you cancel.

What do the workouts include?

You can see how the workout songs are presented by going to the Free P.E. Activity Idea on the home page. Each month a free Preschool P.E. Activity Idea will be posted that shows all the movement steps to one song and then an actual class with children doing that song. This is the format you will see for our complete pre-made workouts. Each workout contains between 10-11 short songs.

Do the songs come with lyrics?

Yes, all songs come complete with lyrics so you and the children can sing along. Songs that have been previously used in the KID-FIT program also come with Activity notes. Activity notes explain all of the movements that we have done to the song. Activity Notes and Lyrics are available only through the KID-FIT Music and Workouts website.

Why are the songs created by independent artists?

The move to independent artists was done to make sure the songs are completely educational, commercial free and teach the subject matter intended. Children won’t hear them anywhere else, each one is original. There are so many talented songwriters and singers, many of which never are heard because of the highly competitive nature of the music industry. We’re here to help bring teachers and children together with hard working song writers and singers from around the world. As such, you may hear a variety of accents and different styles of music.

What is a streaming music service?

A service in which there is no tangible product. All the music, videos, and materials are accessible in digital form on your computer or mobile device. There is no need to store items, carry CD’s, or keep track of disks. Everything you need is on your computer or mobile device to be conveniently used at home or in the classroom. If you’ve never downloaded and played songs or videos before don’t worry, we’ll provide step by step instructions that make it easy.

Do I need an internet connection to play the songs?

No. You can download the songs onto your mobile device where there is an internet connection and then later play them offline in the classroom or elsewhere.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel and rejoin anytime you want. No contracts. No obligations or restrictions.

What happens to my music if I discontinue my subscription?

Any of the playlists that you created will be gone once your membership is cancelled. You can get back any of the premixed lists quickly but will have to re-create any lists that you customized yourself.

How can I use the materials to promote physical education, fitness and health in young children?

The KID-FIT program runs according to 6-week sessions. Our workouts feature a full length balanced class so that children practice aerobic conditioning, strength, flexibility, balance, sports skills and mind/body exercise. Evidence based research done with KID-FIT shows significant results when the entire routine is done at least one time a week with the children. We suggest you work on specific skills from that class on the other days. Remember that children need repetition to learn the skills most effectively.

If you are designing your own workouts we strongly recommend that you do the same activities with the children for at least 6 weeks at a time. Changing activities too often makes it difficult for children to learn the songs and become proficient with the skills. Your workouts can be full length like our examples or you can select specific activities that target only one area of fitness and work on them. Whether you do one song or an entire workout, children will be doing more than they are now and you will be improving their health.

I’m not in very good physical condition myself and can’t do some of the activities. How can I still help the children?

Children will learn a great deal from just listening and singing the songs. They are all educational and designed to teach about body systems, nutrition, sports, and healthy habits. You can also preview some of the workouts and choose just those activities that you feel you can do with the children. Least strenuous selections include those labeled balance, stretching and relaxation (sorting by fitness goal, topic and artist on website only). By starting with easier activities, over time you may be able to do more too!

How many songs are available?

Right now there are hundreds of songs available and each six weeks we will be adding 10 fresh new tracks. Songs that have been custom made for subscribers will be added weekly as well. There will be a constant supply of new songs, new ideas and new activities.

How can I request a song?

Once you are a member, just login and go to the song request link on the home page. If you are using the App, go to the INFO tab and find “Request A Song”. Fill out the form and be very specific as to what you need. Include the topic, what you will be using the song for, tempo (fast/slow), etc. We will assign one of our writers to it, according to who we feel is best suited to create the piece. There won’t be any additional charge to request a song. And, everyone will enjoy it once added to the database.

Are there any differences between the website and the app?

Yes. The website features a free P.E. Activity idea each month available to everyone (not visible on app). The website allows you to sort songs according to fitness goals, educational topic and artist. There are also accompanying lyrics for every song plus activities and videos for select individual songs. We suggest you choose and build playlists on the website then utilize the app for playing your music in the classroom or offline. Any playlist built on the website will automatically appear on the app. If you choose to build or edit a playlist on the app, it will also be reflected on the website when you login.

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